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    Welcome to my website

    From personal training to healthy nutrition, let me help you achieve your fitness ambitions.

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    The Envelopes of Doom !

    The 8 week summer training challenge to help those long warm sunny summer days just fly by...

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    Sore today...

    ...strong tomorrow.

    Overcoming the desire NOT to train is part of training. And like training, it gets easier the more you do it.

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    Perspiration's good for you.

    Sweat is fat crying !

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    Instead of giving yourself reasons why you can't, start giving yourself reasons why you can !

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Just too shy?

Do you think gym’s aren’t the place for you? Do you worry unnecessarily about what people might think of you walking into a gym?

Adore junk food?

You know it’s bad and it doesn’t do you any good whatsoever, but you just just can’t resist food that simply no good for you?

Dog tired?

Dog tired ? Can’t get off the couch ? Getting home from a long day and find you have no energy and can barely lift the TV remote?

Totally lost?

Do you have no idea what direction you’re heading in and how to get back on track to a better healthier you?

Do you recognise any of these barriers keeping you from better health and fitness?
I’ve worked hard with people to help them overcome any hurdle preventing them from achieving a better, healthier and fitter way of life.

I'm David Young and I'm a personal trainer & nutritionist

If you're looking for a personalised and proactive health, fitness and dietary plan, you've come to the right place !

The key to meeting your goal and achieving success comes from within. A positive approach and consistent effort will result in success. Starting with small simple changes to both diet and exercise, a lifestyle change is the key to success which will result in large long term changes which can last a lifetime.

My time working in the fitness industry has convinced me that combining exercise with a healthy lifestyle is really the only key to achieving success. With over 15 years experience working in the fitness industry, I work with people to achieve their long-term and short-term health & fitness goals, whether it be weight-loss, muscle-gain or simply to gain the knowledge needed to achieve and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Located in Slough, Eton and Windsor, I provide Personal Training sessions, nutritional advice, and numerous cycling classes, catered to meet your specific needs and requirements. I have numerous fitness related qualifications including a sport science degree, diet and nutrition advisor, weight-loss coach, spinning, indoor cycling, circuit and kettle-bell instructor. I hold REPS level 3 and a “first aid at work” certificate, and have comprehensive 3rd party insurance.

And if you’re looking to shed some kilos and to weigh less as part of your fitness regime, downloading my “30 Day Weigh Less Program” info-sheet could be the best first place to start.
I am sure that, whatever your health and fitness aims might be, we can achieve it quicker, and with greater effect, working as a team. See my contact details below to get in touch.

Feedback from some of my clients:

Achieve with David Young 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
Achieve with David Young

"He does a great job and should be congratulated...

I have been staying at the Heathrow Windsor Marriott and I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the spinning classes run by (the) instructor David.
It's always a great workout made even more enjoyable due to his friendly and welcome approach."


The eight “Envelopes of Doom” Training Challenge.

doom_challengeWhy not challenge yourself to use your own will power and lose some weight with my eight week challenge.

Simply choose an envelope each week for 8 consecutive weeks and follow the challenge revealed. If you find it difficult to work alone, or want an added challenge why not ask a friend to join forces with you and make it a competition.Each challenge is aimed at weight loss and with a bit of hard work and practice can be used as part of a new healthier lifestyle. Simple changes can result in massive health benefits in relatively short periods of time, so why not look at improving your lifestyle now.

Why not take up the challenge and remember… enjoy it!

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Here's some of what we can do to make you fitter and healiter

Spinning Classes

Read what someone kindly said about my spinning classes…

Healthy Eating

Are you “eating right”? Are you sure you’re getting the right balance of foods you need to support what you do?


Looking for something nearby, that fits your schedule, but makes good use of your time?

Spinning Classes Timetable

When is spinning available?

Personal Training

Read about Gavin’s phenomenal success in achieving his personal fitness goals!

Where to train

The Thames Valley Athletic Centre, just outside Eton, Berks

Regular Exercise

Download your Exercise Record diary sheet from here!


Download your Nutritional Diary sheets from here!


I have the right plan for you

Personal Training

1-to-1 or 1-to-many

Are you looking to…

  • Lose weight?
  • Tone up & change shape?
  • Improve your fitness?
  • Achieve your training goals?

Discounts available for a block booking of 3 sessions or more.
Bring a friend/colleague along for a further discount.

Each session – 1 hour
Contact Me


Advice and planning

Doing hours of exercise but still not winning the fight against weight gain?

Have you improved your diet but not getting the body shape you want?

Do you simply need to know the best way to change your diet and get the results you want?

Let me help you eat better.

Contact Me


Targeted and high value

Do you have a hectic schedule with only time to exercise in small bursts yet with a high value in exercise benefit?

  • Regular
  • Convenient
  • Frequent
  • High benefit
  • Social & fun

Classes are fun and available every day of the week.

Find a class that fits your schedule.
Contact Me

Training Review

Get a fresh perspective

Doing the same thing for months & years ? Now finding it’s all becoming boring and predictable?

  • Targeted to your needs
  • Build upon what you’re doing already
  • Put the life back into your time in the gym
  • Working towards a target or an upcoming event?
  • Improve the benefit and value of the time you already spend in training

Let me review your personal training regime and tweak it with some improvements to boost your returns.
Contact Me

Contact Me

Send me an email

To contact me with any questions or queries, you can email me at davidyoung10021@googlemail.com or use this contact form…

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